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Meegoda Dedicated Economic Center

Location Located in the Homagama poling division of the Colombo district, near Godagama town between Meegoda Railway Station and the Meegoda Town
Contact Details The Manager
Meegoda Economic Centre,
Tele No: + 94 011- 2830816
Fax No:  + 94 011- 2830816
e-mail: meegodaeconomic[at]yahoo.com
Year of Commencement 2003
Available Facilities
1. Daily cleaning by Homagama Pradesheeya Sabha employees.
2. High capacity generator for emergency.
3. Free Parking facilities for vehicles.
4. Interruption free environment for buying and selling process.
5. Bank units," Osusala" unit and, a police security point are opened in the night time.
Buyers of the Economic Center
1. Wholesale and retail shops -55%
2. Fair traders -25%
3. Contact basis suppliers - 4%
4. Mobile traders.
5. Cooperative shops
6. Super markets, restaurant, tourist hotels
7. Forces
Main Objective Establish a wholesale market for vegetables and fruits to implement as Collecting Centre.
Opening Hours From 5.00 p.m. - 12 p.m. Open for business everyday except Poya days.
Specialized Crops Up country and Low country vegetables and fruits.
Board of Management The Economic Centre is fully owned by the ministry of Co-operatives & Internal Trades. A Management Trust has been appointed to control the activities of the Economic Centre. The Chairman of this Trust is the Additional Secretary of the ministry.The Secretary of the Trust is the Secretary of Homagama Divisional Secretariat.